Thursday, September 16, 2010

American Doll dress--egads this is adorable!

Well, Raleigh requested a dress for her doll, Chrissa. Love Google! Free pattern can be found here. Raleigh carried her doll around with her the other day and received oohs and ahhs from her adoring public. Here's a pic of Chrissa, looking a little like Chucky:

I have enough material leftover to make Raleigh a pillowcase. I loved this kinda stuff as a little girl. I'm thrilled to have a machine so I can sew odds and ends for my little ones.


ahufford said...

Stella and Hannah want "jail" outfits for their American girl dolls. Go figure. I know that I'm not going to find that online! If you see a pattern that will work for those, let me know ;-)

Cathy Savage said...

Ok, that is really weird! Hmm. Maybe there's a PJ pattern out there and you can use black and white striped material? Or maybe hope it's a passing fancy. :) Elastic might be where I personally draw the line on doll clothing. I'll keep my eyes peeled for PJs in case you're up for the task.