Wednesday, November 3, 2010

Blast from the Past

I'm showing work this month at the Windsor Park Library off of Cameron Rd and 290 E. Today I'm supposed to hang, but I've been spending the last hour adding work into my cataloging program Working Artist, framing and installing hardware. Man, what a drag! I need a personal assistant. I just had to take a break and it was either do a post or raid the Halloween candy that I've asked my children to hide. (But let's face it, they are lousy at hiding.) The space available at the library is a little wonky. It's a column of space here and there, not a complete wall, so I'm having some difficulties finding work that will fit in the allowable space. Plus some of the spaces are up high so a larger, brighter piece would work better than a medium-sized etching in B&W. Therefore I am pulling everything out. Here is an example of a segue I took 5 years ago when I started using my old prints in collages. I did a series of seven and have these two left. It was a style that was a blip on the radar, but I have them and they are bright and large, the smallest being 30 x 40". Perfect!!!

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