Wednesday, November 3, 2010

Red, 2nd color in a 4-color monotype

I printed red on my previously printed drypoint that was already hit with yellow. I took drastic measures on my registration because, well, I'm not perfect and registration is one of my biggest challenges, so I made hinges. Luckily the plate is plexi (see image on left, which is my plate in the middle of being wiped). With the transparent plate I could line the plate up exactly to the drypoint, apply the hinge, then flip up the paper and ink, flipping the paper down to run through the press. I first applied a few strips of artist tape in two location on the back of my print to protect the paper (it's tape that resembles the tackiness of post-it notes, just enough to stick but not enough to damage the paper--it's 3M for sure, because they really have the best tape, but I can't recall the exact product name), then used low-tack blue tape to make the hinges. I used Akua Kolor ink and added transparent base on the sidebar and the swatch directly under the face, but the AMERICA was full-strength. I thought the difference in transparency was negligible. My red doesn't look like a full bodied red, but more magenta. I was going for red, but am pleased nonetheless. Blue is up next.

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