Thursday, November 18, 2010

Day 4 in studio--encaustic work

Depending on how much encaustic medium I have in my crock pot, it takes more or less 2 hours to melt on low. So while that was going on, I did much much needed household chores including cleaning my studio. Here's a before picture.

You can tell it's been a week since I've worked in here. (I tend to retrieve what I need then put it back in the studio but not in it's proper place because I always seem to be in a hurry, which in a nutshell, is what I've been doing all my life with all my stuff. But luckily I eventually get around to tidying.) Here's after. I made sure to photograph the shoe caddy which I've turned into a misc. caddy.

First on my agenda is finishing the piece I started a week or so ago--I'm about 1/2 way through. I also want to start two new pieces, continuing with the head theme (after all, I have a ton of solar plate heads). I hope to drop off work to a little gallery in Bastrop called Artmakers Collective early next week, so I need to get crackin.' I also wanted to note my favorite encaustic books for those wanting to explore this medium. Encaustic Workshop and The Art of Encaustic Painting, are available through Amazon, but I'm sure worth pursuing through your local bookstore.

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