Friday, November 19, 2010

My art is having an adventure

The Brevard College Alumni show ended November 5 and my work was shipped accidentally to MO. It was supposed to arrive yesterday... I hope it's sipping a hot toddy somewhere warmish and propping it's feet on the table and truly enjoying being away from me. I on the other hand, having barely survived the drama of stolen/missing luggage a few years ago, am getting worried. Surely lightening doesn't strike twice.

I made some progress on my encaustic work yesterday. I planned on working on them this afternoon and evening but kid activities pulled me in several different directions today. I turned on the crock pot around 2 but haven't been able to do any work. Now my wax is all nice and liquidy and I'm not in the mood. In fact, the thought of a hot toddy with my feet propped up is sounding pretty good at the moment.

Husband and I did something fun today. We went to look at windows since we're replacing some old ones with more energy efficient ones--sounds boring but keep reading--and we're replacing the front picture window with a golden rectangle sized window. Isn't that cool?

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