Tuesday, February 1, 2011

Production Goals

In hindsight, when I came up with my goals for the year, I should have included production goals rather than use the nebulous "Work 20 Hours per Week on Art." Because you see, in that 20 hours I included marketing and so essentially that's what I've been spending most of my time on. It turns out I have a hard time switching from Marketing/PR to making art. A studio schedule would help as well as defined office hours. I have gotten quite a few things accomplished this past month, so maybe I can ease back on the marketing throttle and get back to what really lights me up--making the art.

So, my current production goals? Go into the WPA studio 2x per week starting next week. This week I need to get some plates ready and tie up some loose ends. I will have some good news on Thursday (I hope) and will be posting about it either way. So in the coming weeks, expect to see some new work that I do on the press and not just as a collage in my home studio. I'll be keeping up the one-piece-per-week project. See? I've already applied gesso on my boards since I have a full February and March. I don't want any excuses.

I will still be drinking tea every afternoon around 4. I hope you're taking time out for yourself too. 

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