Saturday, January 8, 2011

Week 1

This week was somewhat uneventful art-wise. I did manage to complete my first week's assignment of one piece per week, and finish an encaustic piece that I started awhile ago and blogged about once. (Raleigh, age 5, did say something funny. She asked why that face is in everything and I had to laugh. I told her I was getting sick of it too.) I need to put on a protective border/frame still, and will tackle that tomorrow. Info on that here.

This week was a week for doing laundry and unpacking from our TX to FL and back car-trip/exodus, plus putting away decorations--I'm sure you know the drill. Things got more exciting last night--I hosted WPA's annual potluck at our place and had 16 folks stop in for a glass of wine and a bite. It was fun to get the gang together for a few hours of chatting about our lives and our art. Something particularly fun happened. Fellow printmaker (and uke player) Deborah McLouth gave us a harpsichord! We do somewhat envision our family as the VonTrapps of Sound of Music fame (a warbley version, anyway), so it makes a great addition to our house of instruments. Wes is particularly thrilled and played on it all morning. (Thank you Deborah!!)

I stopped in to see the Flatbed exhibit at the Austin Museum of Art this morning and highly recommend it. I own one of the Kelly Fearing prints that's in the exhibit, so that was really cool to see. AMOA had clay busts on display by Billy Ray Mangham of Sleeping Dog Studios and I'm totally inspired to make a papier mache bust. Except mine won't be an everyday person like Billy Ray's. I'm thinking Tesla, of course, but maybe I'll opt for my own personal hero and available model, Keith Savage. Look for it in the weeks to come.


Deborah McLouth said...

You are welcome. I am very glad the musical instrument has found a home with a music loving family. It is actually called an autoharp and was played by June Carter when she sang with her family. Do the Savages sing in the car when traveling?
Thank you for hosting the WPA event. It made me realize how much I miss by not coming to the of my resolutions for printmaking and art with with other creatives.
Thanks for the link,

Cathy Savage said...

We do sing in the car! Typically it's when I'm driving so Keith can play the uke for us. (I'm currently lobbying him to learn Petunia Clark's Downtown.)

The WPA event was fun, wasn't it? It reminded me that I like to entertain, since I've been on hiatus for years now. It sure was fun to get the gang together, wasn't it? Like old times.