Thursday, February 3, 2011

Tesla Candle

The awesome news I was hoping to share today will need to be postponed. There was a delay due to power outage. So stayed tuned. But, I do have something else cool to share:

I got the nod from librarian Paul Baker to post the fantastic candle he gave me this past Saturday. For those of you that follow every nuance of my life, which I'm guessing is none of you, I was leading a gelatin printmaking demo at the Windsor Park Library when I ran into Paul. We conversed mid-November about The Tesla Project and basically how much we adore Tesla and how he was robbed, etc, and months later, this candle is given to me. How cool is that? The demo was fun and rewarding without the candle, but how nice to now own it and get to show it to you in all its glory? I'm hoping Paul has these for sale at the next Tesla Project, slated for 7/9/11.

Our family eats dinner together every night and we have a few rituals, one of which is to light a candle. And now we've added: Play with wax, mold into weird shapes and attach to candle holder. A picture for your amusement.

Stay warm out there!

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