Monday, March 14, 2011

Mini Tesla Linocut Print

Well I knew if I would just take a few mins to read one of the books I posted about yesterday, notably Print Workshop by Christine Schmidt, that I would be revved up to do something. I love to read before bed. In those few mins before sleep I come up with fun ideas and last night was no exception.

Make a Tesla portrait and print it on cards. My son brought home a Time for Kids and loved the illustration on the front by Edel Rodriguez (a print, of course, because prints rock) and it inspired me to start one on Tesla. He was a visual thinker and I imagine him cookin' up his inventions with visions of calculations and moving parts floating around.

Keith was my model, and I took his picture and doctored it Photoshop. Now I'll go over it with a Sharpie adding Tesla's mane and mustache and go from there. Time to start working. I have a piece of linoleum ready and waiting. My plan is to do the mini as a study and then go bigger. I have a nice piece of wood that has been waiting for inspiration to come along for about a year.

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