Monday, March 14, 2011

Tesla Sketch for Linocut

I'm not quite done with my sketch, but you can get the gist of it with this photo. I'm essentially using a permanent black marker to define the image. I plan to have Tesla just as you see him, so the black lines are the areas I will not be carving. I'll be carving the white space--just like a rubber stamp. After I'm finished, I'll scan my image into Photoshop, resize it to fit my linoleum, and print it out on my laser jet. I have a few ways to transfer the copy to my lino, which I'll review next post. I love my Pentel Fine Point Correction Fluid which is shown in the blue. It's perfect for making thick marks thinner or whiting out entire areas. I know it's possible to do all of this kind of work in Photoshop, but I need it in front of me on paper. I even have one of those wand thingys, but I'm either too old or just need the tactile experience of doing it by hand.

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