Monday, May 2, 2011

5 x 7 show is finally behind me

My life is measured in deadlines it seems. After I dropped off my work at Arthouse yesterday, I had a leisurely stroll around downtown Whole Foods--something I never do because you can not hurry at this WF and I'm typically in a hurry--and I picked up a bunch of legumes in the bulk department (I'm the Queen of Bean). I had to skip church Sunday as well as a Campfire event in order to turn these in, but it was actually refreshing to have a free afternoon. No regrets. (I'm not supposed to divulge my 5x7s as they are signed on the back and will hopefully be sold as a fundraiser for the gallery. Even though you can pretty much see the top one through the glycine baggie, I'm thinking any readers aren't going to be attending the 5x7 specially looking for a Savage original.)

I'm a bit bummed that the PETG I bought for my monotype plates got cooked and warped while it was in the back of my wagon for a few hours on Friday. I'm hoping I can put it out in the sun and flatten it. Luckily I can get two nice pieces out of it as is so I can print this week. I'd like to work on the monotypes that I started during Ron Pokrasso's workshop. So, now we all know not to keep this stuff in a hot automobile. It'll take the shape of whatever it's draped on. (The blue stuff is a protective film that gets peeled off when you're ready to use it. Otherwise it basically looks like thin Plexiglas.)

UGH!!! Just look at my huge mistake up close! We're having freakish cold weather here and the sun is in hiding, so it'll have to be a few more days before I can try to unkink this.

Hope your week is off to a good start. I won't let warped PETG get me down. No siree!


Angela said...

Did you try an iron with a towel in between? I had to do that with a credit card that went through the dryer and worked pretty good.

Cathy Savage said...

Good idea! I haven't tried anything yet. I need to go in and print tomorrow so it's fresh on my mind. I guess I was kinda hoping it would ease back into shape. Not a chance!!