Thursday, June 2, 2011

Carborundum Collagraph

I've never done this, but am totally fascinated. Just look at Jill Alo's print that can been seen right now at Hooks-Esptein Gallery in Houston.

Jill Alo
carborundum print on celtec plate
What is Carborundum you ask? It's grit, kind of like really fine sand. Better and more lengthy description here. I used it in college to grind litho plates, but haven't used it yet in a collagraph.

Here's Jill's brief how-to:

Carborundum, yes: you sort of paint the grit onto your plate, after mixing with a medium. Looks like gray mud! It's a good medium for printmakers who start out as painters. After the first run you can sand your image, carve into it a bit, etc. Leaves just enough accidental marks to be interesting and print-like.
If you'd like to read more, check out this Wiki page on Carborundum Printmaking (I can't imagine life before Wiki! Oh how I love it!).

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