Monday, June 6, 2011

Jumping Through Hoops

This piece is now indeed at Haven Gallery--I dropped it off last week and it was accepted--whew.

I created the first jumper for my solo show in San Antonio in 2010. I was wanting an interactive piece. Prints are always behind glass and I liked the idea of the viewer being able to get closer to the print, even though there was still a glass barrier. I'm on the lookout for more boxes so I can continue this fun series. Sometimes there are years between conception and piece, and this was no exception.

 Perriot Considers Scissors, 2010

At the time I was still printing at Flatbed, so maybe 2 years went by before I starting working on the final print, with the intention of making them into interactive works. I was feeling at the time that my string was being pulled, and it was time to cut it. Hence the title, Perriot Considers Scissors. I hope when your string is being pulled, you consider scissors too.

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