Thursday, October 27, 2011

Carborundum Take Two

This is tricky stuff. Granted, what's shown here on my plate isn't quite where I stopped with the carborundum/medium mixture. I went back in wanting a stronger black.

The plate is mat board with a 100% coat of acrylic medium brushed on, then the carborundum/acrylic medium mixture (1:1).

  Here's the first state. I think I went a bit overboard with the carborundum. I'll be sanding some off and maybe filling some in with 100% medium. 

Off-topic but fun.
I have a banner hanging over a street in Georgetown. It's all due to the brainchild of Nick Ramos, link here. There are great banners by all kinds of artists. It was a fun stroll through downtown looking at the banners and if you need an afternoon away, check it out. It's only up until mid-November.

I especially liked this banner by embroidery artist Jennifer Andrews.


Anna Kinbar said...

Just love those banners!!

Cathy Savage said...

Yes! They are pretty cool, aren't they? They are fun to poke around town and find. If you have an afternoon, it may be a fun trip.