Monday, November 7, 2011

My Magic Skirt rocked the Lab last week

OK, maybe it's not magic, but I wore a skirt to the print lab after adding a little flair of red trim the night before, and I was on fire in the studio. Fire! I made my deadline for participating in the Mono y Mono exhibit!!! Yea! Here are a few studio shots which might be of interest.

This is a carborundum monotype that I made the other week. The graphite color was a bit too dark for the bit of collage I wanted to add, so here I am trying to spot treat the graphite using Akua's Opaque White. I'll be taking a paper towel and Q-tip to the stuff out of bounds. I didn't have a piece of plexi the same size as the carborundum plate, so I used a huge piece of plexi with the print hinged on one end with tape.

This is a cel-tec/Sintra plate drypoint. I used an old library card to push the Akua Mars Black into the drypoint lines and wiped it with telephone book paper. I've noticed that when I wipe with telephone book papers or a paper towels, sometimes I don't ink evenly because I'm failing to adequately push the ink into the lines. Not the case here.

Here's the printed collage piece. I printed on Rives Lightweight after dipping it into a water bath and letting it sit for 10 seconds.

Now I've hinged this print onto a piece of plexi (Sharpie guide on reverse) and I'm going to add some blue.

Cathy Savage, Pendulous Perriot,
17 x 8", Monotype, intaglio, collage

Next came carefully cutting out my collage elements. The string holding up the clown is a print from an actual string--found in the parking lot of the studio, no less. I glued all collage papers with archival white glue. My art books helped keep the print nice and flat during the glue drying process.

I'm taking this week off to get back to basics. This is the soap the family has been using lately since we're out of basic necessities (crazy, crazy last 5 weeks). I purposely held it in my hand so you wouldn't think we were using a jumbo duck.

Yea for deadlines wrapping up!!

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