Monday, November 28, 2011

My First Yarn Bomb!

We did it! My mom was in town for T'giving, and I successfully convinced her to partake in my delinquency. We chose a stop sign within view of our front window. We've been having roadwork done and so that area needed some much needed flair. My friend Laura's company, just celebrated it's first anniversary, and since she's part of the block we thought we'd do it in stripes to commemorate her first year in business. I love yarn bombs! If you are dying to do one too, let me tell you the details on how we did it. We chose 100% acrylic yarn (we used 2 $3.50 skeins of Lion Brand Vanna Choice Yarn) and used the biggest needles we had on hand--US 15. We measured the circumference of the pole and I read somewhere (probably on the Queen of Yarn Bombs' website, Magda Sayeg's Knitta Please) that it's better to attach the yarn bomb snugly, so we made the width of our "scarf" an inch smaller than the circumference of the pole. With our worsted weight yarn and large needles, each row turned out to be 17 stitches.

My mom and I knitted different balls of yarn then switched after the required number of rows. After we both did several blocks, we knitted them together to get one giant scarf. I just stitched it up the side of the pole and used clear zip ties to reinforce.

Our house is the one on the left. See? I can peer right outside my picture window and see our handiwork! (Imagine all our trim is red. Supposedly it'll get painted next weekend. If not, I have promised to adopt the pet below as retaliation.)

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