Thursday, December 1, 2011

My Serious Vacation

I've taken my vacation very seriously. I organized the depths of my closet, my sewing supplies (OMG I am not allowed to buy any more material!), and made a dent in my studio. I set up this cool pulley system to keep my studio door closed so our cats don't go in there and puke shed. I was getting tired of finding the door open (unfortunately the garage access is through my very own slice of heaven) so now it will automatically close and I can sit back and feel good about my expensive paper that is a cat hair magnet. The key is getting the right amount of weight so the door doesn't bang shut. Still refining, but it's working! It only cost $6 for the hook, eyelet screw, and little pulley.

OK, so it took a couple hooks and holes to find the right orientation. Nothing putty can't fix.

It felt great to get my sewing machine out and make a few projects like my pillowcases. I need to keep up the sewing. I enjoy it so much.

I finished knitting this cowl last night. (My first cable, ooh la la!)

Because I need to go back and work in the studio at some point, I bought this calendar to record my art, exercise, and craft projects. This year we went digital with the calendar, but I'm kinda missing the misc stuff I used to write in my old personal calendar that I wouldn't necessarily want on a linked calendar with Husband.

This is a Slingshot Organizer (all the pages are cool like this BTW) by the Slingshot Collective. I'm not an activist or an anarchist, but I love this calendar. In the back they have listed links to the radical community, of which I am not part of, but thankfully I know where I can go should I ever become radical.

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