Sunday, December 11, 2011

Moving On! Hopefully....

This is my art bin. It has vintage prints in it that have been backed by foam core and wrapped in cellophane, waiting for someone to fall in love with them and take them home. The trouble is, I don't have any place for them to be seen and when I do, I forget to bring them. So, I've made an effort to upload them to my Etsy site which has basically just been laying in wait, patiently sitting there while I get my act together. I know I need to do some fancy footwork and clever posting, but right now I'm just celebrating the fact that I have stuff posted (I think creating an Etsy site was on my list of goals for the first quarter of this year--oops). If you have any Etsy tips, please share! I'm a newbie and in desperate need. Right now I have mostly older prints, which are more affordable than my current, more complicated and larger works. For all I know this might be the wrong market totally for these and the larger stuff, but since one post only costs .20, I figure it's worth a shot.

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