Saturday, December 31, 2011

Leaving Mad City

I had a glorious time in Madison, WI. I left a little thank you in the form of a yarn bomb. I followed the same procedure as the one I made in Austin: cheap 100% acrylic yarn, size 15 needles, 17 stitches wide.

I have some fabulous pics to share from Madison's university museum, the Chazen. I saw a Jim Dine up close and personal. I read a book last year on Grant Wood and they had one of his more famous paintings without glass. I was able to get up super close to inspect it. They don't have obnoxious security folks lurking around since there's a sophisticated video system, which was a refreshing change from UT's Blanton. They had a ton of contemporary prints and a dedicated print room. I have to say little ol' Madison's university museum overshadows the Blanton by a huge margin. I realize Madison is a print town, but so is Austin. What the heck?! I saw mostly works on paper at a local gallery and 90% of them were prints vs. paintings. Austin needs to get with the program.

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