Tuesday, January 3, 2012

Happy New Year!

Thank you for reading the blog! I appreciate the opportunity to share about what I'm doing in my creative life and it's nice to know that others are interested.

Another resolution I plan to keep: Stop for afternoon tea!
(This is my first pull, just to see how the print is progressing.
I'm thinking note cards....)
I create New Year's Resolutions every year and this year is no exception. I paired my list down to the basics and this is what came of it:
1. Do something creative every day.
2. Move my body every day.
3. Simplify. Say yes to things I love, say no to things I don't.
4. Be present for myself and for my family.
5. Shamelessly self-promote. It's not going to magically happen unless I make it happen.

Before pic.
This was all made possible by cleaning off my workspace. :)
Note: there are other areas for improvement that didn't make the short list such as "be more consistent in plucking my eyebrows," but you get the drift. The ones above are big enough to keep me busy all year. So there will be days when I'm looking a bit wooly--don't be shocked when you see me.

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