Friday, February 17, 2012

Cards from Mixbook

4 x 8" set of cards purchased from Mixbook
With a Groupon about to expire from Mixbook, and little energy to create another photo book--which was my intent--I had some cards made for myself and for my daughter. I do like the 4 x 8" size due to its atypical shape, plus it can be sent as a postcard or as a notecard--envelopes were included. The only thing I wasn't crazy about was the mandatory Mixbook logo on the back of the cards. These cards are slightly anemic compared to the chunky cards, but they are a nice weight nonetheless and I'm happy with my purchase.

3.5 x 5" set of cards from Mixbook
Aren't these cute? There's a crease mark in the middle of Raleigh's cards ready for folding, but otherwise they are ready to go. I made sure to give her a credit line on what will be the back of the card.

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