Sunday, February 19, 2012

New Laser Results--Coasters

The kids had a day off on Friday so we went on a field trip to MAKEatx and made some coasters. Here they are watching the machine work its magic.

We have etched lines to indicate where I need to manually cut the coasters apart (typically the laser does the etching and cutting but we're using cork and it tends to catch on fire with the cutting, so I'm doing it by hand). Raleigh's image was taken from a scanned pencil drawing.

Wes is really into these martial arts books so he chose the yin yang symbol.

I'm happy to report that all wooden surfaces in our house are protected. Plus, the kids and I had a blast!


© Cathy Savage 2012
Wes also lasered Tesla's Electric Magnetic Motor patent drawing on the top of a pinewood derby car and I made a Tesla finger puppet, but grossly underestimated the size. This one would work for a newborn!

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