Sunday, February 5, 2012

New laser line etch in wood

© Cathy Savage 2012, 8 x 16"

© Cathy Savage 2012
I was invited to show a couple of pieces at Hyde Park Bar & Grill during SXSW. Long story short: I'm revisiting this print as a result. I started it eons ago but never got a nice proof so I got bored and temporarily abandoned it. They want music-related work for the show so now it's on the front burner again because, hey, it has a guitar in it.

© Cathy Savage 2012
I added some color Thursday night but am still lukewarm on it for a variety of reasons, #1 the contrast is "eh," or rather will be when the bird gets darker, which it needs to be. Then I thought it might be cool to make the piece larger in wood, then paint it. So Friday I lasered my print into wood and make it bigger.

This piece is 16 x 33."  I thought it would have less of a chance of being swallowed by the walls if I made it larger. I'm excited about working on it today if I can squeeze in some time. The blue tape marks places where I goofed on the laser and will need to do some repairs on the wood. Supports will need to be created since it's on a piece of 1/8" Baltic Birch.

© Cathy Savage 2012
Austin Tinkering School
I talked to students from the Austin Tinkering School yesterday and described different kinds printmaking techniques.


© Cathy Savage 2012
Everyone got a chance to print on their own gelatin slab, which is always a blast.

Recipe for gelatin prints
16 packets of unflavored gelatin (4 boxes)
mix with 3 cups tap water until dissolved
add 3 cups boiling water, stir for another minute. Pour into jelly roll pan or 13 x 9. Remove bubbles. Watch Linda Germain's videos on youtube!!

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