Tuesday, February 28, 2012

Two Art Openings This Week!

Well, make that 3 if you count Davis & Blevins that opened on Saturday. Three in one week? No wonder I'm a crazy mess.

Tomorrow, Wed 3/29, from 5-7 PM there will be an art opening at Hyde Park Bar & Grill on Duval and I'll be showing this guy
© Cathy Savage 2012, Nakamura Lock, 17 x 34", acrylic on laser etched wood.

Then on Saturday, 3/3, from 7-10 PM, there will be another art opening at Pump Project on Shady Lane and I'll be showing these two

© Cathy Savage 2012, Carpe Diem, 16 x 24",
watercolor pencils, acrylic, laser etched glass
© Cathy Savage 2011, Monstrous Crow, 16 x 28", acrylic, pencil, thread

The one at Hyde Park is a music themed show in conjunction with SXSW and the one at Pump is a drawing show with over 40 artists. To announce these two openings to my peeps I used Mail Chimp which was minimally tricky to set up--it took 2 hours to import my addresses and create my 1st campaign, but it should be quick and painless in the future (I hope). If you'd like to see the simple announcement or would like to join my mailing list, it's easy to do. Here's the link. Mail Chimp has all kinds of analytics and I'm excited to see the results.

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