Thursday, March 1, 2012

Studio Visit: Lynne Hubner

I met up with Lynne Hubner over my St. Jo-Dallas weekend. McKinney, Texas is a really cute town! They have a delightful square that really seems to be thriving. Lynne showed me around and took me to the McKinney Art House where she has her studio. The house is filled with all kinds of spaces--mostly filled with potters that offer classes within their spaces. That's the set up Lynne has as well. She teaches art classes after school to add to her art income.

Lynne's studio is upstairs and this is what greeted us on our way up. Lynne keeps this stuff around for drawing exercises.

Here's Lynne in between both of her presses.

Last view! Visiting Lynne was definitely a high light of my weekend away.
(I love her relief prints. You must check them out.)

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