Monday, April 9, 2012

It was a Tesla kinda day

©2011 Cathy Savage,
Tesla the Visual Thinker, Linocut, 4 x 6"
I made some more Tesla postcard prints over the weekend since I had a couple of sales on Etsy the other day. I am loving my sign press! I can't get over the convenience of printing in my own home vs traveling to a studio.

I also posted some of my Tesla finger puppets on Etsy. I have consistently showed up for my allotted 4-hours/week as a member at MAKEatx, so some of that time has been playing around such as making puppets, so now I need to move them off my desk.

It may seem like I've been super productive, but I am feeling really scattered. I'm doing this crafty stuff (fun), teaching workshops (fun), and making the mini-grackles (also fun), but I'm taking time away from what I envision for my art. I just need to work it out in my noggin how I'm going to do these fun things that do generate a little bit of income, and how I'm going to do the stuff that is my true motivator--my other art projects. These things have been great but they've kept me away from focusing on my quest. If I manage to keep my work my main focus, and if I could see a line on how these fun things help spread the word of my other work, it might be worth it, but that's difficult to gauge. I'm sure I'll work it out eventually...


Laura said...

Cathy, I think whatever you are truly motivated by someone else is going to love just as much as you. That finished piece has a buyer out there somewhere, you just have to find them. That being said, it can be so difficult to search out the people who love your work and who can also prioritize your art monetarily. So I like to employ a 40/60 rule. 40% of my time spent on the money-makers, 60% spent on the real passion. Eventually, you can phase out the money-making because you've created a name for yourself amongst people who love your work and no longer need to have other ways to make money.

Cathy Savage said...

Laura, thanks for the encouragement. I like the 60/40 rule. I have definitely flipped the ratio lately, so that must be why I've been feeling out of whack. I also wildly under estimated the time needed for prepping the HS printmaking workshop and I bet after these next few weeks pass, I'll be more centered, just due to the fact that the workshop will no longer be on my plate. But the 60/40 is something I will definitely begin employing! Thank you again!