Monday, June 18, 2012

Clearing Years of Accumulated Junk

I had a great Father's Day weekend! I think the week prior with my Make, Repair, Toss, Write (MRTW) campaign helped get Husband in the tossing mood--plus kicking off the day with chocolate chip pancakes didn't hurt. Saturday was spent clearing bureau drawers, vacuuming under beds, and donating a huge amount of stuff to the Goodwill. Though the house is in a bit of disarray from the big dig, it feels lighter. I like it. (I have a really nice picnic basket that needs a new home, plus a nice punch bowl. If you're in the market for these and you're local, let me know and they are yours.)

I'd be remiss if I didn't mention where the pancake recipe came from. I love b'fast and love this cookbook author--Isa Moskowitz.

So, Friday was my last day of MRTW and this is what I did. I didn't repair a thing, but the kids and I turned a random piece of childhood nostalgia into this. My parents made it and it was always a puzzle--a rolling pin with a cut away for something? I'm assuming plants. As long as I've had it, it has idled on top of a shelf in my kitchen. I'm actually able to keep succulents alive, so that's what I planted.

Doll-headed planter by Denise Elliott-Jones
Plus we put a plant in the top of this cool doll-headed planter by Denise Elliott Jones (A fellow artist with a delightful portfolio. Check her print work out here.) and added some fun to our back porch. Our porch was looking a little bland and the 2 ferns that I also added out there really did wonders. We have a dining table out there and a futon and the plants really encourage hanging out.

Wes sewed something every day. Every day! They were mostly cat toys, which our fat and afraid cat rejected until this morning at 5 AM. Wes had a lot of fun and it turns out a new and somewhat obnoxious sewer cannot wreck my ancient sewing machine, which was my fear.  

Oh man. I did a lot. I went through the pantry and fridge first, then tackled my drawer of workout clothing. I figured if I'm averaging 3 workouts a week on a good week, I do not need 10 outfits--most of which were ill fitting to begin with.

I'm not writing pages and pages in my journal in this task. Just writing a letter or email to someone that was overdue for one. I opted to make a call since Friday's target does best by this form of communication. Turns out my procrastinating on this was all for naught, which is typically how it works.

Last week was mostly about staying sane while with the kids. This week they are both in 1/2 day camps so I'm hopeful I can get some of my own work done. Stay tuned for progress...

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