Saturday, June 16, 2012

Feed Bags

I was on a Make, Repair, Write and Toss kick this past week and this is what was happening on Thursday

I shop at the bulk section of the grocery store quite often, so I figured I'd finally make some cloth bags for my dried goods. I made a prototype this morning and tried it out. It works! The finished size is 12 x 9" and to make the closure easy, I just sewed on looped piece of nylon string. The bag itself if made from a piece of a gigantic flour sack hand towel, so I have plenty of material for more bags. (I've seen nylon ones too for sale in the produce section. It would be great to make something for our household staple--apples.) 


Cutest skirt ever from Angie's Sweatshop
I actually took in a skirt that was too large--shocker. Luckily the skirt is a simple A-line so I didn't have to do any wild alterations. Another 5-minute job that has been on my sewing table for months.

I sent a personalized note card off today to a gallery I approached a month ago without success. Why not? It certainly can't hurt.

I took a handful of books over to my friend's Free Little Library in her front yard. You can have your own too! Check out the link!

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