Wednesday, June 27, 2012

Post-Houston Surge

I was in Houston Friday night to Saturday day and had a great time! I attended one opening, visited 13 galleries, and had 2 studio visits. It was a whirlwind. I listened to Tess of the d'Urbervilles on disc on the way so the drive seemed quick and painless. Plus I think the story playing in the background was enough of a distraction to keep my left brain engaged while my right brain got creative--I came away with lots of ideas. I'm excited to see what comes of the collage I've been slowly working on this week.

© 2012 John Swindler, Winter's Over,
lithography on Kozo, poplar frames,
96 x 64 x 3"

Here are some pics of the The PrintHouston: NEXT exhibit juried by Dr. Dena M. Woodall, Assistant Curator of Prints and Drawings, Museum of Fine Arts, Houston. This piece was one of the anchors by artist Jon Swindler. You can't see much in this floor shot, but the pic below is a close up. 

(I entered this show but didn't get in. This work was very monochromatic. The work I submitted would not have fit at all. Dr. Woodall did a fantastic job selecting 33 cohesive works. It was a fabulous show.)


© 2012 John Swindler, close up of Winter's Over, lithography on Kozo,
poplar frames, 96 x 64 x 3"

© 2012 Ruth Shoval, Let go, Intaglio 4 x 3' x 2 panels

© 2012 Tom Druecker, Circuit de Monaco 3.34 km (2.075 mi),
Intaglio (sugar lift), 18 x 24"

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