Friday, June 22, 2012

Revisiting earlier Collagraph, Drypoint

I started this collagraph with drypoint earlier this year and after a proof that was eh, put is aside. Now I'm revisiting and hope to proof it ... (Dang. Just thinking about how I don't have a large enough chunk of time to print for weeks. Rats.)

© 2012 Cathy Savage, Kepler/Brahe
I can't find my proof! Terrible! I'm going to have to piece together what's working and what's not by the plate. I just remember it being a very bland line drawing. And it printed terribly too--the line were all choppy, etc. But I think it can be salvaged. My woodcut that you've seen before of the Kepler/Brahe duo was inspired by the failed collagraph with drypoint, which measures 20 x 20." Note to self: Clean studio!

© 2011 Cathy Savage, Frigid Winter Day, 22 x 30"

Next week I'll be working on a collage on gessoed paper. I think it'll get me out of my funk and at least being productive since I can't print (erratic summer kid schedules...). I created this piece collaging various papers combined with prints. I threw in some India ink too.

I'm reading an Alyson B. Stanfield (art marketing guru) book recommendation--The $100 Startup. I'll give you my thoughts once I get into it. I'm a before bed reader so I tend to read 3 pages and fall dead asleep, so I'm basically slow as hell.

Art Date--I don't do enough of these. I am taking myself on an art date tomorrow! In Houston! I'll bring my camera and record anything that's a showstopper.

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