Wednesday, June 27, 2012

Beauty in the Monotony

A murder of grackles?
22 x 30" Work in Progress
I spent a good chunk of today working on my bread and butter line: grackle collages. It was a relief to hear that some of them sold at Women and Their Work and they want more. I thought I'd soon tire of the grackle parade, but as it turns out I like it. I was feeling stuck on the collage I proclaimed I'd work on this week (see next pic of work as is), so I grabbed some grackles just so I could keep working--beats sharpening pencils, which is what I do sometimes just be in the studio, ready when inspiration strikes. I was able to glance at my collage as I was busy assembling my grackles onto backgrounds, and you know what? It helped me get unstuck. That corner of the eye thing works.

What do you do during your days, weeks, or months of dry spells? I'd love to know what others do. I think watching a slew of art films last week was a big help. 

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88 editions aka K Tankersley said...

I use so many plants in my work that often, I spend the afternoon simply harvesting and pressing plants. I love it!

I guess botanical silhouttes are sort of becoming my bread and butter too! Never tire of it : )