Thursday, July 5, 2012

A Different Kind of Yard Gnome

© Melanie Micale, Clay dudes: Party Fool and Ewww
I'm up in Brevard, NC vacationing with my kiddos while my poor husband is home eating muesli at every meal. I attended Brevard's street fair in conjunction with the 4th of July, and I picked up these two gems by artist Melanie Micale. The guy on the left is titled Party Fool (he's wood fired, giving him beautiful brown skin) and the other is Ewww. I don't have a ruler with me so I'm guessing on the height, but they are approximately 10 and 6" tall, respectively. I saw them, and in a flash I knew I was going to take them home. They will probably stay inside my house once they are back back to Texas, but boy they do look mighty fine outside, too. (We've used up all our wall space in our house so are now going 3D. At some point we'll only be able to collect hanging work.)

© 2012 Cathy Savage, 8 x 8" collaged prints on panel
Good news on my 8 x 8" grackle collages. I found another gallery that may be interested in carrying them! I brought a slew of blank boards with me and tomorrow I plan on making some grackles up here in the mountain air since I'm completely out of the others (you can't tell, but I'm jumping up and down on this end). I can't reiterate this enough. If one never asks galleries and/or shops to carry their work, they will never get the chance of having them say yes. Try it, you never know.

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