Sunday, July 1, 2012

Keep Calm and Carry On

Something to be said for staying under control. I haven't mastered that, btw, but I see the sense in adhering to that philosophy. The kids and I are on a 3-week vacation (!!!) and we were temporarily derailed on our drive today--5 hours from home--with a flat tire. I was cursing the unnecessary crap we brought with us as I unpacked the trunk to get at the spare. But, the print (last item in the car before the tire) is going to one of my biggest fans and supporters--my sis--so it was treated with loving care and propped up out of the parking lot. We're stuck in town until morning when the tire place opens. Oh well, at least roadside assistance was quick (best 3 bucks I spend per month. I've used it 2x in the last 2 years).

Junior Park Ranger
If you have kids under 10, consider having them participate in the Junior Park Ranger program. Before heading east, we went to the LBJ settlement in Johnson City yesterday and the kids had a blast. After they completed a little booklet of Q&As and did the word searches, etc, they were sworn in to protect all national parks. So cute! They brought their badges on the trip!

Grackles now in Johnson City
Well, I had a motive to going to Johnson City. I was dropping off some grackle collages to Kirchman Gallery. Johnson City seemed a little hopping, I must admit. Kirchman's was having an opening that night and so was another gallery just a few doors down. Kirchman's grounds are beautiful and their current show was really good (plus they have wine tastings!). We had a decent lunch on the square at a new brewery, Pecan Street Brewing. It was a fun and should be a destination spot for anyone wanting a day trip. The wineries in the area have really livened up the place. I recommend Pedernales Cellars.

Just thought I'd tell you how I got the Kirchman gig. I emailed them a quick note about how I make the collages and included pictures. Are you taking a risks on occasion too?

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