Friday, August 10, 2012

Staying on Track

Jumbo handmade calendar for year-at-a-glance
I've been having some difficulty staying organized. I know that's a common issue for many. My husband and I share an online calendar that seems to be great for family-related stuff, but when it comes to my business deadlines, it's not so great. During my recent trip to Asheville, NC,  I visited one potter--Angelique Tassistro--and she and other artists in her building favored a personal jumbo calendar in their individual studios for upcoming deadlines. In this case Angelique used newsprint, but I also saw jumbo post-its. I think this is a great method since you can see the year at a glance vs. a pop up reminder that my current method employs.

Positive Images--you can find my grackles here now!
Feeding the machine
It was my goal to get my grackle collages out into the world, and I'm slowly making my 10 venue benchmark. (I visited Positive Images yesterday and now you can see my grackles on 1118 West 6th Street in Austin!) In order to keep things rolling I'm working on them the first part of every month. Earlier this week I printed more woodcuts and they'll be in the back of my car "baking" for the next few days (Akua ink takes forever to dry otherwise).

Labeling the back of your work
I've had two establishments request that I take my url off of the nameplate that I've been affixing to the back of my grackles. It's hard to make a living as a gallerist, and I can see that they don't want a customer to window show at their gallery, then contact the artist directly for a possible sale. I'm happy to oblige and will change my labels to list my name only plus will add technique info.

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Carolyn Kimball said...

Tuexdeux is my go-to for stay organized art-wise. It's great because it let's you do daily deadlines and long term ones too!