Tuesday, August 14, 2012

Week of Art, Day 2

Today I worked on my collage and tomorrow I will continue the same. Yawn. Is this even interesting? I do have one part of my collage that I find the most intriguing. It's this part--created by spreading a soft gel (in this case I used Impasto Gel 2 by Lascaux) with a putty knife, leaving it a little thick like smear of butter on a piece of cornbread. Then I stamped into it with a foam stamp and let it dry. I used a dry bristly brush to add the color--Golden Fluid Acrylics--and voila! It looks like the remarkable texture of a collagraph.

Here's another area. I think I like the black the best. The putty knife smear as well as the troughs left by my cut up gift card (see below), really seem to pop.

I did hear from a gallery gift shop in Houston about carrying my grackles collages, so I'm thrilled. I'm curious if I can sustain the production of the little beasts? Providing of course that they sell like hotcakes. Time will tell. I did crank out some jello today and plan on rolling it up on Day 2 for future backgrounds on the collages. (Surely you know about gelatin printmaking, but if not, go to this youtube link to see Linda Germain in action.) I like dedicating a chunk of time to each step so I have plenty of materials to pull from, so tomorrow I'll be a gelatin printmaking fool! Tonight I cut out dozens of the woodcut grackles while watching 2 movies on Netflix. :) I'm taking full advantage of my week without my family and waking up late, watching too much of the boob tube, and going to bed super, duper late.


Linda Germain said...

love that jagged red toothy thing. Congrats on the grackles

Cathy Savage said...

Thank you!