Friday, September 28, 2012

Wonders of Plexi

I love Plexi. I use it for printmaking--monotypes mostly, but it can be used for drypoint as well--and I always request it over glass when getting my work framed by my awesome framer, Winner "Augie" Augustine of L'Antillaise Gallery. (I had a print framed with glass nearly ruined in transit when the glass broke. Never again. Plexi all the way, baby! My supplier? Regal Plastics.)

© 2012 ModPlexi
Artists Wendy and Melissa of ModPlexi use plexi for colorful backsplashes for their line of house numbers and I was fortunate to see one up close yesterday when I visited Wendy. She also has a clever way of framing the collages that she and Melissa create, sandwiching their work between pieces of plex and using screws to hold them together on the edges.

© 2012 ModPlexi

Here's an example of one of ModPlexi's collages. Two pieces of plexi (one which is used as the matrix) are pressed together and secured, giving their unique work a very modern look.

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Sorry this pic is so poor. It has a funky
plastic cover that wasn't easy to photograph.
The kids and I visited the library today after school and look at this very apropos book I found in the art section! It's titled Plexi Class: Cutting-edge Projects in Plastic by Tonia Davenport. Most of the projects inside are fun jewelry projects, but it was nice to thumb through. The author uses an X-acto blade to cut her shapes and all I could think was her life would be a lot easier if she would use a laser cutting machine like the one at MAKEatx.

Perfect Presentation Frame
from the book Plexi Class

Davenport did have a frame in the book similar to what Wendy and Melissa create. She uses wood trim molding to make a frame, secures the artwork similar to how a framer would do it using foam core and a point driver, then screws the plexi on top (in this example she uses plexi pieces instead of a large sheet. Huh? Yeah, that's what I thought.) A sawtooth is nailed into the top back of the frame to hang the work. I have a show coming up next month at the UU church and I plan on trying this method. I could use a temporary frame that is inexpensive to make and easy to store.

I printed my second color of my reductive woodcut that I mentioned the other day. Silly me forgot to snap pics while in the studio, so it'll have to wait until next week. It's very exciting! My registration was spot on!!

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