Friday, March 8, 2013

A Wee Little Fairy House

I've been hoarding a scrap of tree bark for 1.5 years. Yes, you read correctly. It's one that I brought home with me from North Carolina after I spotted it in the trash heap of artisan Preston Woodruff of Appalachian Tree Works. It has finally been made into something wonderful. Raleigh made a Fairy House out of it--with enough bark to share for 2 other houses--with her outdoor club, Austin Families in Nature.

Here's a closer pic, but I think it's an earlier version since the pine cone up top is missing.

Of course it was our center piece that evening! We plan on placing it en situ at Zilker Botanical Gardens on Saturday. It'll be tough parting with it, but it's too cool not to share with the public.

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