Wednesday, March 6, 2013

Akua Inks Acquired by Speedball

Well, wow. I received an email at the end of last year from Akua then-owner and founder Susan Rostow, so I knew this was happening. Looks like the transition went smoothly--I just received an email update and the photos look like the testing went well, and Speedball is now manufacturing Akua ink. It was a great move by Speedball. I am not a fan of Speedball's block printing ink for my own work because it doesn't dry fixed (I have used their fabric screenprinting ink and have liked it) and now that they've taken on Akua inks, I'm going to become a diehard fan. Hopefully Akua will be easier for the masses to acquire with Speedball's established distribution. And I'm really pleased at the thought of Susan Rostow retiring on a fortune (I hope so anyway).

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