Sunday, March 10, 2013

Spring Break is Here!

Suzanne Manns' demo prints on Dry Pigment Transfer
And I'm off on an excursion with my husband and kiddos while my in-laws hold down the fort. I'll catch up with y'all at the end of the week. One quick note--I attended a fabulous workshop yesterday on Dry Pigment Transfer led by Suzanne Manns. I recall watching Gail Ayres, founder of the pin press, do a similar demo with Akua inks and vine charcoal. If you know anything about using pastels, charcoal, and conte crayon and activating it with a transparent base and printing with it using Akua products, please let me know. In the meantime, I'll be camping with my family and when I get some quiet time, I'll be trying to get my noodle to remember how the heck to do it. Suzanne cleans up with minimal use of solvents and prefers rubber based inks as her medium--so as toxic free as possible. I'm just not into buying a whole new set of inks, though I was really, really taken with Suzanne's process. I'll post some pics from the workshop at the end of the week.

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