Tuesday, March 5, 2013

Cards Galore!

Here they are! (If you're just now checking in, these will be future trading cards.) The class is over, so I need to cut out the cards and assemble them myself today (big sigh) before our swap tomorrow.

It's true, I'd rather be spending time in my studio doing my own work, but alas, this must be done.

Last week I managed to be in the studio all week! And by all week I mean 3 days. And by 3 days I mean 1/2 days. (12 studio hours being the goal.) I haven't been working on anything earth shattering--still my Tesla puppet theaters--but I'm having the most fun I can possibly having being in that studio. My goal is to move stuff off my shelves so I can move it out my door and then put the stuff still on the floor of my old home studio/future guest room on the shelves of the new studio. Did you follow that? I'm sharing my shelving with my studio mate now so I had to downsize. It's good, because I am now painfully aware of how many materials I have to use up. I just hope I can use them all before I die. Yes, I have that much stuff.

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