Sunday, March 3, 2013

Bark n Purr

I finished printing my trading cards last week using The Art on a Cart press at Griffin School. (Trading cards were the last assignment for my printmaking class at Griffin. The kids and I are going to swap once assembled.)


I ran out of mat board cards for applying ink so grabbed my Bark n Purr rewards card out of my wallet and it worked fine. And I can just clean it now instead of chucking it, which is what I do with used mat cards. I was afraid the plastic card might scratch my plate. Nope.

So after inking my plate with my Bark n Purr card using Akua Intaglio Mars Black straight out of the can, I wiped with a flat palm using phone book pages and printed on paper pre-spritzed with water and tucked into a now moist towel. The key is finding a good misting water bottle. I think I picked mine up at The Container Store and it works great. I've had that can for years and it's great for chine colle when using a dusting of methyl cellulose.

I have to admit I'm happy to have my Wednesdays back. I was skipping my uke jam sessions Wednesday mornings so I could prep for my class and I missed my buds and I missed playing. Teaching was fun, but heck, I have no idea how folks do this on a day-to-day basis. It's exhausting, even if you love, love, love the subject. My hat is off to you teachers out there!

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