Thursday, March 14, 2013

Oh, my Bed is Awesome!

Back from 3 nights in a tent. We have fabulous gear--no complaints, but there is nothing like a real mattress. We camped at Turkey Bend which is near Marble Falls, TX. It's close to Austin, and it was deserted, which was kinda strange considering it was Spring Break. The campground is primitive. No water, no electricity and well, it weeds out most folks. It's free range camping. There are maybe 5 picnic tables in prime locations, such as this one where we stayed. The sites are unmarked so it's a little strange. You sign in at a deserted check point using the honor system and then pick your spot. We saw fire rings all over the property, so I guess campers take the free range thing seriously and plop down wherever. There was only one commode--at the check in, which was 1.5 miles from our site, so accessible when, ahem, squatting in the woods just won't do. There were a few other campers enjoying the property, but we all chose spots far from one another so we had ample privacy.

I'm way behind in just about everything. I have emails that are overflowing my inbox but I'm still in vacation mode. My house is a mess. We have camping gear to unpack and launder, etc. And we have 2 parties this Saturday. At the house. But, still, it's Spring Break, so it's off to look at the fairy houses at Zilker Botanical Gardens where Raleigh plopped down her fairy house last Saturday for all to observe during their fairy house show. I'm itching to get in my studio and work, but alas, it may not happen without kids in tow. With any luck, it'll happen later today.

Happy Spring Folks! The weather in Austin is pretty fabulous right now.

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