Friday, March 15, 2013

Studio Redo

My old studio is getting a facelift. It's going to be turned into an all purpose room. I imagine art projects that the kids and I are working on, maybe it'll be a sometimes sewing room, maybe a chair for a reading nook... It will also be our guest room for those brave enough for a blow up mattress. I needed a shelving unit for the stuff that I couldn't chuck but that was being relocated to my new studio so I put some old ladders to use.

Here's my before, during and after.

I have a ton of slides that I hate to toss. I found a link with suggestions on how to upcycle them, but heck, I barely have time to bathe, so I'm going to give them to the pre-K down the block for them to use. But check out the envelope that I found with a handful of slides within. My 7 year old Raleigh must have been a baby at the time I wrote this since she was apparently licking everything.

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