Saturday, March 16, 2013


While trimming down the trading cards last week with a straight razor blade and a ruler, I really started to like the look of the bits of ink on the scraps. Seeing them there in a pile made me want to organize them. I saved the scraps thinking, surely, these trimmings are really just trash, but I'll keep them for 24 hrs just in case. I couldn't stop thinking about lining them up, so the first chance I got I did. I used a piece of Masonite as my surface and used Golden Soft Gel as my adhesive.

Here's an in between shot. I eventually covered the board but I'm not sure of the next step yet--I'm at an impasse. But it'll hang around awhile and something will happen.

Speaking of works in progress, here's my desk with my freshly mounted WIP magnetic strip with prime view of my neglected piece on Io (left), Moon of Jupiter, that was started in January. Yikes. It'll get some attention soon, I hope. Carolyn has her piece on the right.

See that snazzy tool caddy? I made that a couple of years ago. Here's the blog post.

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