Thursday, August 28, 2014

Back in the Saddle

We were on an epic road trip this summer. Seriously. We drove from Austin to Glacier National Park, Montana and back again, camping along with way with some hotel stays along the route. If Mama Happy, Ain't Nobody Happy. Then as if that wasn't enough, we left town 19 hours after our camping trip for a week in upstate NY. We're finally back and I've left unpacking for another day so I could sneak off to the studio. I started working on a piece for a collector's wedding covenant. What is that you ask? It comes from the Jewish and Quaker traditions. The couple writes a covenant and in the case of this piece, the words will be incorporated in the work and wedding guests will sign the work the day of the ceremony.

Today applied two coats of gesso to the substrate (20 x 20 x .5" art board), sanding in between/after. While waiting for the gesso to dry I tinted tissue paper with acrylic washes--both blue and a brown--and gave them a hit with the hair dryer because NOW is better than LATER.

I sketched a tree directly on the gessoed board

and then added the tissue with medium. Voila! Background!

Next up, the actual tree with straight up graphite pencil (HB)and water colored pencils and maybe more of that tissue. We'll see....

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