Monday, September 1, 2014

The Coffee Sock

Sounds gross, but it ain't.

I've been obsessed with coffee lately. I've been adopting a new coffee system every 6 months or so. My shelves are bursting with coffee makers: standard 10 cup coffee maker, a cold coffee toddy system, two French presses, a coffee sock, and now I'm eyeing an espresso maker (loving Americanos). But alas, it's only been two months with the coffee sock (and I've been traveling for 6 of those weeks!) so I thought I'd give it another go before switching up. Basically I'm doing the cold brew method--same idea as the toddy, but making straight up coffee vs. a coffee concentrate--and this morning my coffee was so delish that I thought I should make note of it in case you're looking for a new coffee apparatus. This is so simple and frankly, the least expensive coffee contraption I've ever purchased.

Here's the sock, which is a cotton muslin kinda fabric, not gross tube sock material. 

Here's their website (local company btw, and they ship for free), though I found it at Whole Foods near REI on 360.

Here's my jar, 1.5 L. The sock filled with grinds does displace the water, but you get almost a full jar of coffee. (I've had a couple of cups outta here as well....)

I just fill my grinder all the way up with beans--I have your basic Krups model--and whirl for a medium grind and pour into sock. Then I pour filtered water through the filter into the jar, filling to the top, letting the filter hang in the jar for 12 hours. I leave it on the counter so I get the full benefit of the coffee smells. Mmmm. Then I gently squeeze the filter to get out all the coffee before composting the grinds and then put the jar in my fridge until ready to consume. It makes a very smooth cup of coffee. The cold brew method is less acidic or something. I drink a cup or two every day, so maybe the jar is in my fridge for 4 days--every cup is as good as the first. 

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