Friday, September 12, 2014

Awwww Snap!

I've had fun working on this piece.

I ended up adding 4 fat layers of Golden Heavy Gel (Matte) on a 20 x 20" panel. In fact, I used up almost the entire 32 oz. tub--nearly $30 worth of gel. The piece looks a little encaustic-like with all the layering with gel in between. Think of it like a lasagna. I had layers of tinted tissue glued on with liquid medium, then after my tissue layer was down, I slapped a fat layer of Golden Heavy Gel on top, then waited at least 24 hours to do more tissue. As my last layer brushed on an acrylic wash in places, but also added charcoal and regular pencil, so I'll need to spray some acrylic varnish on top to seal. In the end, I was pleased with the result.

So.... I've been waiting on text from the person who commissioned this work, and she likes the direction, but has asked me to make a few changes. I like this piece the way it is, so will be starting fresh. Yes, I shall begin anew!

While staining my tissue I used newsprint to catch seepage. I'm wishing I used a sheet of Rives BFK or something that isn't as degradable as newsprint. Look how much potential this sheet has for collage material or background, but instead it's heading to the recycle bin. Next time...

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