Monday, September 8, 2014


German towns have a street cleaning statute called the “Straßenreinigungssatzung.” Basically this means homeowners and landlords in German-speaking Europe are required to remove debris, snow and ice from walkways on their property or in front of their property. If you've ever been to a German town, you know they take this seriously. I'm doing this with my house and studio--getting rid o' crap, setting a new work schedule, and getting back to living, loving, and sweeping. This is my Spring Cleaning time of the year and it feels great! My schedule, including studio hours, is getting an overhaul too. Website? Yep. I just updated it after years of ignoring it. Take a look!

I've been working on this piece in the studio and am finally at a stopping point. It's a commission piece and I'm waiting on text that is going to be provided, plus I need to know if I even went in the direction they were hoping. Fingers crossed!


Aine Scannell said...

Hi there Cathy

Your website looks good well done I know what a pain in the butt these things are. So much lovely artwork - nice to see some particular favorites again too.

By the way is the site made using eg Weebly or Webs ??
I say this because there's a a "W" at the beginning of the browser bar , where you type in the web address??

Cathy Savage said...

It is a Weebly site. I was dreading redoing the site, which is why it took me so long, but I have to say I found Weebly very simple with a lot of design options. I'm glad I made the switch. I was using software before that I had to ftp to my web host. Just a lot of steps making updating cumbersome. I opted for Weebly's basic plan, but the pro and business plans are very dynamic for someone that wants to get into e-commerce. I'm not quite there yet. I think my plan allows for an online store that directs to etsy, so I may play around with that as the months roll on.

Laura said...

Your website looks eons better!! Love the update!

Cathy Savage said...

Thank you so much Laura! We should talk again in the coming weeks. I'm getting interested in really upping my online game and I know you'll be able to help me get there.