Friday, November 18, 2011

Kicking back

I have been taking it easy the month of November, just like I promised myself after my hellish busy October. I never posted images from Halloween, but it involved sewing and Wonder Woman. I think the costume creation pushed the needle to overdrive. Wes's costume was easy since it took me maybe 5 mins to do his makeup. Which was nice because last year his costume was maybe 15-20 hrs.  
I fused on some shimmery gold fabric and added embroidery

I have to admit the WW costume was fun and fairly easy, but because of my hectic month I put if off until the last few days so there was some stress involved. Luckily we borrowed the boots and wrist bands from a friend.

Yea for star stamp and white acrylic I had in my stash! Skirt was a simple pattern with the same bias tape I used on my magic skirt.

I made a headband too, but the picture is MIA and I'm not about to dig through Raleigh's dress up box.

Yesterday I did pretty much did nothing other than clear out my email inbox. It was a fairly boring day but it needed to be tackled at some point. I did stop to whip out a batch of cookies that are surprisingly close to making prints. I use this thing. It's an awesome cookie press. If you decide you want one, buy it from an estate sale or try ebay. I've purchased two before--one from Williams-Sonoma and one from Target and they both didn't work very well. Nothing touches the old metal ones.

See, look? I threw in some lemon extract and they are divine with tea.

These spritz cookies always remind me of childhood. My mom has one of these things and over the years we've pressed a lot of green wreaths and trees.

I promise to get back to more art-related posts. I recently visited with 2 artists and I have images of their work to share. I'm going around and doing E.A.S.T. on Sunday, so maybe I'll have a little something extra? But, I am technically on vacation, so who knows when and what I'll post next? :)

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