Sunday, February 24, 2013

First Day of Work

Finally doing stuff in the studio
I managed to work in the studio on Friday! My first day! I've had a back order on a Tesla puppet theater and with the holidays and then the move, I haven't had a chance to work on it until now. Speaking of the new studio, I'd love to have visitors. I hope to be in the studio regularly on Tu, Th and Fri, but you know how things can crop up, so shoot me an email first.

(BTW, the puppet theater is laser cut Baltic birch that I'm painting with acrylics. I talk about it here in this post if you want more info.)

I have somehow misplaced my battery on my SLR camera, with all kinds of great photos for future blog posts. Dang it! Hopefully it'll turn up soon. It's probably in a pocket somewhere... Until then I'll need to rely on my mobile device. Please bear with me, though I have to say my mobile takes a decent pic.

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